Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I'm Back!

It's been 3,5 years since my last post. A lot has happened. I've been hospitalized for a year and still recuperating from that ordeal. I won't get into details (unless you have questions about it), but I'm happy to be back.
One of the things that I had to pick up is this blog. I had a good thought about it and I'm planning to make a monthly post in which I tell all that happened in the previous month. All my FO's, WIP's, the socks I knit, and of course published and/or new patterns.

Let's start with the continuation of the last post of 2016. I posted a teaser of what you could do with the leftovers of the blanket. I mean this blanket, my 'Dots and stripes' blanket.


You can turn the leftovers into a wonderful wrap and the beauty is, that you can download this pattern for free. Just follow the link to the Velvet wrap 

I hope you like my first post and I'll be back soon to tell about January. My FO's, WIP's and new designs of that month.

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