Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ziva Shawl

Measurements after blocking approx
76" wide and 40" long.
Maat na opspannen approx; 190cm breed and 100cm lang.

Scheepjes; Invicta Colour (951) 2 skeins
Invicta Extra (1340) Antraciet, 1 skein
Invicta Extra (1347) Grijs,  1 skein
Knittingneedles; 3,5 mm and 4,5 mm (=for the cast of)
Crochethook; 3,5 mm

Used stitches;
Stockinete stitch; knit on right side, purl on wrong side
Garterstitch; purl on both sides
Lace pattern; knit according to chart 

Cast on 4 stitches with Invicta colour (951)
Row 1; k1, yo 2 times, k3, turn
Row 2 and all even rows; k3, purl 2 out of yo’s, purl to end of row, turn
Row 3; slst 1 knitwise, knit all stitches until last 3, yo 2 times, k3, turn
Repeat row 2 -3 until you have a total of 298 stitches. Repeat row 1 one more time and the last row; slst 1 knitwise, knit all stitches until last 3, yo, k3 (=299 stitches)
Break thread and cast on color 1347!!!
Knit 2 rows.
Then knit according to chart, or;
Row 1; slst. 1 knitwise, *[p2tog] 3 times, [k1, yo] 6 times, [p2tog] 3 times*, repeat from * to *, [p2tog] 3 times, [k1, yo] 3 times, k1, turn
Row 2 and all even rows; slst 1 purlwise, purl all remaning stitches, turn
Row 3 and 5 ; slst 1 knitwise, knit all remaning stitches, turn
Row 1 – 6 four time, row 1 ones, and the last row, knit all the stiches. Cast of loosly with knitting needle 4,5mm

Go to the side with all the slipstitches, the wrong side of your work facing you. Now pick up with your crochet hook and color 1340!!!!! all the stitches. Put the hook in a slipstitch, yo, pull you through and leave on hook. Repeat this until your crochethook is full. Then slip the stitches on to your knitting needle from the back of your hook. As shown in the photo’s below. Repeat this until the end of the row and until you have 162 stitches.

Row 1; (right side); k3, 2 times yo, [k2, k2 in next stitch] repea,turn (= 216 stitches)
Row 2; [k4, k2 in next stitch] repeat, turn (= 256 stitches)
Row 3; k3, 2 times yo, knit all remaning stitches, turn
Row 4; knit all stitches
Repeat row 3 – 4 another 10 times.
Cast of with knitting needle 3,5 mm; [cast on 3 stitches, cast of 8 stitches, put the stitch from the right needle to the left needle] repeat from [ to ] until you have 1 stitch left. Cast on 3 stitches, cast of 4 stitches.

Weave in all the ends, Soak shawl for 20 minutes in cool water. Roll in towel to get rid of excess moisture. Pin out on blocking board. Leave to dry and unpin, only when dry. Your shawl is ready.

And what color combination are you going to use?

PDF available on Ravelry

This pattern remains the property of Berniolie / Bernioliesdesigns and is intended only for personal use. You may not distribute the pattern or sell the made item of this pattern.


  1. Thank you for the free pattern. I have put it in my library on Ravelry.. going to look at my stash to see what I have to work with... oh well. I may have to buy more yarn! This beauty needs real special yarn!

  2. Thank you for the pattern - downloaded at Ravelry. Very nice.